Lighting Consultation

Lighting Consultation

How The Program works

Site specific data is obtained by completing an inventory of the current lighting system, including types and quantity of fixtures, wattage of lights utilized, hours of operation and cost incurred per kilowatt hour. Upon completion of this analysis, L.O.T. will then recommend a Custom Lighting Solution to further enhance your location.

Once L.O.T. has completed the assessment we can create a plan that is tailored to your home or business that would consist of a combination of: energy management, education, energy survey, and energy saving technologies. Would you rather pay the electric company or keep your money?

There are few companies that actually know where most of their energy is being used, how much is being wasted, and what they can do about it. The fact is, that up to 40% of the electricity you pay for each month goes to waste. The difficult part is identifying where this waste is occurring, in order to take appropriate action. Eco Energy Management uses our Energy Maps formula to ensure our clients can save energy, and reduce their carbon footprint through a highly ethical course of action.

The impact on the bottom line is immediate and long-term. Using L.O.T. frees up capital for other investment programs that have a higher priority or projects with a higher return on investment. In signing an agreement with L.O.T., there is no balance sheet impact and no requirement to allocate funds for a capital program for greener lighting!

– Estimate ROI, environmental impact, and cost of waiting – With a fully comprehensive report, decision makers can better understand the different aspects of the lighting upgrade.

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