About Us

Who We Are

Lighting of Tomorrow LLC mission is to save the planet one light fixture at a time.

We strive to transform the way people use energy – We offer efficient, affordable smart lighting solutions that allow our users to sit back and watch their energy bill drop dramatically.

We provide a whole turnkey service that allows our clients to pick the best local products, pick the best payment plan and finally install it for you at your convenience.

Vision of L.O.T

Lighting of Tomorrow (L.O.T.) is an innovative global green solution company that facilitates the switch from inefficient lighting fixtures to new state of the art LED lighting technology. We make it easy for our customers by analyzing, financing and installing our energy saving solutions. We believe that saving energy is simply the right thing to do. For every business we help, we can reduce overall CO2 emissions and our impact on the environment. We specialize in customers who are in the commercial sector, industrial sector and City upgrades. If you currently are operating inefficient high intensity discharge (“HID”), high pressure sodium (“HPS”) and fluorescent lighting systems and want to save money by switching to a smarter LED system, you have come to the correct place. Ask us how we can help you!

Our Mission

The Company’s primary goal is to provide our customers with the best known brand products and latest technology in the industry. All of our products utilize green technologies that provide superior lighting quality and significant cost savings.  By offering many options we allow our customers to choose the products that best fit their budget. L.O.T. will tailor a lighting solution based on the customer’s environment and objectives. Whether you are looking for a lighting system that will help you save energy and money or you are looking for light fixtures that offer you infrastructure sensors that allow you to detect how much traffic is walking through your door or streets we have a solution for you.

Strategic Goals

All products and fixtures used by L.O.T. are accredited, certified and fully compliant in the areas in which the customer’s business operates. The products are guaranteed by our local manufacturers. Ask us about the different warranty programs we offer.

We areHelpingthe Planet

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