Decorate Your Home with Efficient Lighting Systems

Everyone wants their home to be beautifully designed, without affecting their budget.With our energy efficient lighting solutions, not only can we provide energy efficiency, but also beautiful designs. The lights are affordably good, which makes it even better. So, taking these things into consideration and letting the customer buy LED Lighting for residential applications, Lighting of Tomorrow brings you the best range of lighting solutions to let homeowners shop online. We have a wide variety of LED lights that are not only aesthetically good but performance-proven.

Lighting is a great solution for interior decoration and illumination

The days when lights had only one purpose; which was to illuminate the overall ambiance are gone. Nowadays, things have changed and people have realized many other uses, which the prominent one is interior and exterior decoration while reducing the energy consumption of each LED light. The products which are available with us in our Home Interior LED Lighting Product stab. If you are looking to give an elegant touch with these smart lights, then you have come to the right page. You can use our options listed in our LED Lighting Products Shop Online or contact us if what you are looking for is not listed, we can always try to find it for you. Our range includes the different varieties which are not only Exterior LED Landscape Lighting Products but they are LED Landscape outdoor lightsand Interior LED Recessed Lights too.

Save money on your energy bill by retrofitting to LED lights

 As we all know,families have a lot to worry about energy cost should not be one. Homes need many lighting fixtures, and saving on your energy bill becomes an out-of-the-zone task. However, this is not a problem with Retrofit LED Lighting Products of Lighting Of Tomorrow. The retrofit products which are available with us have great efficiency and energy saving capabilities. Also, as these come in different designs and shapes, using them for your home decoration is the best thing one could do.The other benefits that we have are:

  •        We provide the comprehensive system-level portfolio that is balanced and have all kinds of solutions including the LEDs, Retrofits, Integrated modules, etc.
  •          We have specialists which are the strong part of our R&D team. They bring the innovative solutions to be in our product lists.
  •         We also have design support services and we also deal in personalization. You can give us your requirements for custom lighting, we would help you achieve that.

Let us light up your world.

Color Changing LED lights for Benvenuto Restaurant

At Lighting of Tomorrow, we love to see our client’s reaction, when we first show them the final result of their finished project, and bring to life what they imagined is a wonderful feeling. That is definitely what make our team the difference in our industry.  Some projects take longer than others, depending on how many LED lighting fixtures they may need and if they have electricity wired correctly, throughout the property.

Let us present to you our first drone footage of our recent project we did in Boynton Beach, FL. The color changing lights that you see in the video are one of our top sold products. They are, LED RGB DMX Landscape Flood Light. We carry them in different wattages 30, 50, 100, 150, 200 WATTS, if you are not sure how many wattages you need for your project, than worry no more. You have come to the right place, because our LED lighting specialists have got you covered.

For this particular property, we provided our LED lighting systems for is a private venue that has been helping people celebrate in style for over thirty (30) years. Benvenuto Restaurant is chosen on the famous website for brides to be, “theknot.com”, as one of the top wedding venues of the year. We feel very honored and proud that they have chosen us to light up their world. Wishing Benvenuto Restaurant a continuance of abundance and we thank them for choosing us to be their lighting experts.

Let us light up your world!


-Team L.O.T


By: Rosa V.

Marketing Director


How To Install LED Retrofit E26 GU24 Base In Home Or Office

Our GU24/E26 LED retrofit kits are compatible with E26 And GU24 Base. Designed for standard IC cans ranging in size from 4′ to 6′ inches. Suitable to retrofit, Incandescent, CFL, Metal Halide, HID, Etc. Makes Our Solution Compatible. Gives up to 80% Savings in energy. This Solution is UL and Energy Star.


LED Landscape Lights | Lighting of Tomorrow

All products and fixtures used by L.O.T. are accredited, certified and fully compliant in the areas in which the customer’s business operates. The products are guaranteed by our local manufacturers.