Commercial led lighting


Light Emitting Diode(LED) for Industrial and Commercial Use


LEDilluminates direct focus lighting,these are available for many temperatures. They have aluminium fixtures.The Dual Cylinder LED is conical resembling binoculars. The dual cylinder LED produces intense, dim lights and is ideal for retail stores.Track Light has slim design producing beam angles 24°-60° and is excellent for interior spaces. No maintenance required. Durable taperedcylinder LED is flexible. Slotted cylinder LED illuminatesdirectly and has many coloured temperatures. Durablegrooved Cylinder LED has aluminiumfixture andtemperature ranging 2700K-5000K. Slide controlled aperture allows adjusted beam.


LED lighting for industrial usereducesemitting of carbon into the environment.Choices are 60W 360 LED Street Light 3 BAR UL DLC, 60W 360 2 BAR LED Street Light UL. Also, 150W LED Shoebox Area Light, 100W 360 LED Street Lamp. Also, 3 BAR UL DLC, and 125W LED Corn Light 360° Beam Angle.




Some of these LEDs are slim having the latest technology with sensors, photocell, and dimmers. Thereis 10-year warranty. Colours are white, bronze, silver and black with decorative designs. Voltage ranges 100-480 VAC. These circulate air to keep diodes cool. IP65 rated guarantees protection from harsh climate. 125W lamp illuminates 360°of bright light. It has Samsung SMD5630 Gen2 chip and gives 15000lm.


There are many choices to shop commercial LED lighting online. These are Dual Cylinder LED Track (30W, 40W), 45W LED, Tapered Cylinder LED (30W, 45W). Also, Grooved Cylinder LED (45W, 70W), Slotted Cylinder LED (45W, 70W), and Grooved Top Cylinder (15W, 20W, 30W).Also, 30W Smooth Finish Dimmable LED Light and 30W Dimmable LED, Extended Design LED (15W, 20W). There are also, Bullet Shaped LED (15W, 20W), 20W LED Box, and Dimmable LED (15W, 20W, 30W). Also, 8W Tiered Shape LED, 15W Smooth Cylinder LED (15W, 20W) and 15W Vented LED. Also, 15W Vented Cylinder LED, 15W LED Box Light.